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Trailhead for treks, adventures, and experiences of Bob and Kolleen Cole.

ho would have guessed that our treks and adventures would take us to the remote corners of the world.

Our adventures began simple enough with day hikes and backpacking excursions into the wilderness areas of our local Cascade Mountains. We enjoy escaping from the city, giving us the freedom that comes from being self sufficient, as well as the solitude of the wilderness, the awe inspiring beauty of the natural surroundings, and the physical challenges of reaching remote camp sites.

Over time, our weekend jaunts into the mountains took us to new heights. We found ourselves enjoying special places high above the tree line. On one special trek we backpacked to Sahalee Arm and camped at the toe of Sahalee Glacier... the setting was spectacular. It was our first exposure to the possibility of glacier travel. We weren't properly equipped to ascend the glacier, but were excited at the possibilities. So, upon returning to civilization, we made a stop at our favorite store, REI. There we got our crampons and ice axes and the mountaineers “bible”, the book with more mountaineering knowledge than we will probably ever use, “Freedom of the Hills”. We studied and practiced for future alpine adventures.

Since then, we have had many opportunities to use our 'pons and ice axes on some of our Cascade peaks and volcanoes. We have aspirations for more hikes to pristine alpine lakes, scrambles to bag elusive peaks, glacier travel to high summits, and epic adventure travels.

Where ever our trekking adventures take us, from the Cascades to Tanzania, we go with the thought of growing from the experience and enjoying the moment. We will exalt at the thrill of attaining summits or relaxing and soaking in the scenery from a campsite on some remote alpine lake. But always, we will abide by the simple rule of “leave no trace”. Where all we leave behind are our boot prints and all we take back with us are memories (and photos).

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We expect the web site to be a “work in progress” for some time to come. As our dreams become plans and those plans evolve into reality, we will be adding photos of our new treks and adventures to share with family, friends, and guests, so come back occasionally to view our new adventures.

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