The Best of the Cascade Treks

An Ongoing Alpine Odyssey - 2001 - 2007

hen it comes to hiking and climbing adventures, we live in the best place in the world. Our own Cascade Mountains offers the wildest range for wilderness excursions. From a quick day-hike done as a work-out to multi-day loop hikes of unimaginable beauty, and from high turquoise colored alpine lakes to low elevation old growth forests, from scrambles to rocky pinnacles to climbing glacier covered volcanoes, from the open forests and sage covered steppe on the dry east side to the dense fir forests on the wetter west side. The Cascades have it all.

As outdoor enthusiasts, each of the four seasons has specific meaning to us.

Winter - Access roads are closed and trails are covered with snow, so we put on our snowshoes for excursions into the backcountry. There are some good reasons to get out in snowshoes:

Spring - Snow still limits access to many trailheads. This is when we travel to the dry side of the Cascades for a hike in sage covered hills where we can revel in the beauty of the blossoming wildflowers, or we can snow scramble to rocky peaks for panoramic views.

Early Summer - When snow fields are consolidated and the glacial crevasses are passable is a great time to do summits and to photograph the mountains. Often the approaches to the mountains will lead through vast and fragrant flower filled meadows.

Late Summer - This is the season to hike the high camps above the heat, humidity, and bugs that plague the lower elevations. The scenery from high camps can only be described as “awesome”.

Fall - The cooler temperatures bring on the spectacle of changing colors with the brilliant red foliage carpeting mountain meadows, and the golden Larches standing sentinel in glacial basins. Early morning frosts or a light dusting of snow add a magical sparkle to the scenery.

This section of our web site is our way of sharing our personal wilderness experiences. It's not so much a guide as it is a personal record of places we've been and our opinion of those treks. We maintain photo albums and journals of each hike we have done, although not all of our hikes are represented in the galleries. What we are showing is “The Best of the Cascades“, and over time, we plan on adding more terrific photos to these galleries.

Bob and Kolleen - The Trailpair